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Promoting shark conservation and raising enviromental awareness through video, photo, consultancy and design.   

Director: Duncan Brake Oceanicallstar@yahoo.com

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Oceanicallstars provides full underwater production services throughout the world. The team is made up of well traveled, highly skilled individuals who through providing video, photo, design and consultancy services; help focus, raise awareness and promote the conservation of marine life.

Oceanicallstars offers a wide range of services from underwater / topside video & photography to web and product design.



Videographers: Experienced high definition video; underwater and topside camera operators available with HD video kit and underwater housings. Video editing and post production skills. Proficient in Final Cut Pro 7, X, Color, Adobe Premiere Pro, Encore, After effects.

Photographers: Underwater and topside digital photographers with own digital SLR cameras and underwater housings. Experienced with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom.

Stock Video Footage: Our extensive High Definition Video stock footage library ranges from juvenille lemon sharks refuging and feeding in the mangroves to large free swimming tiger sharks. Video footage is not just limited to sharks, we also have many hours of stock footage available of other species; from rockhopper penguins and albatross to fighting bull southern elephant seals. Please see the stock video footage list for full details of what we can offer.

Stock Photography: Our photographers have a large quantity of high resolution digital photographs. Their profiles and the photography page only display a limited amount of work from their portfolios so please contact us for further details or specific shot requests. Whether you need an image for an information brochure or you wish to purchase a full resolution print signed by the photographer, we are able to cater for your needs.

Rates: At Oceanicallstars we promote conservation of marine life with a special interest in sharks. Each request will be individually assesed and the nature of your project and the message you choose to put across will govern our rates.

Oceanicallstars strive to raise public awareness of sharks and their vital role in the marine ecosystem. Over 100, 000, 000 sharks are slaughtered every year, averaging a rate of over 270, 000 per day. Sharks are being targeted for sport, caught for their fins and jaws, killed in anti shark nets, as bycatch, their habitat is being degraded as well as polluted, and humans continue to over-exploit their food resources. Shark populations are particularly vulnerable to this exploitation due to inherent life history characteristics which feature a pattern of slow growth, late maturity, long gestation (duration of pregnancy), low fecundity (number of young) and long life, resulting in a slow intrinsic rate of population increase. As a result, shark populations worldwide are drastically declining. Every individual can make a difference.

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