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Promoting shark conservation and raising enviromental awareness through video, photo, consultancy and design.   

Director: Duncan Brake Oceanicallstar@yahoo.com






The team at Oceanicallstars has collected stock footage from all over the world, amassing a stock library of unique moments and behaviours of animals across the globe. For more information or a stock footage request please contact: Oceanicallstarsinfo@gmail.comddtage, tiger shark footage, underwater cameraman videographer videographer underwater cameraman, underwater film, underwater video, underwater photo, filming sharks, shark filming, filming and photographing sharks, underwater film and video, cameraman, HD underwater, filming, underwater film and video, cameras underwater, underwater model, tiger sharks, sharks, shark conservation, shark conservation, filming sharks, HD video, filming underwater, underwater camera teams, underwater film and video, underwater photo, underwater video, UW film and video, UW video, UW videographer, UW HD film, shark science, UW high Def, shark videos, RED Cam, UW Red, Camera housings, UW camera, housings, UW production, filming sharks, UW videographer, UW video, UW photo, UW camerman.